Annual Madrid Festivals

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Spain is an exotic country where people pay visits just so that they can experience the annual festivals held throughout the year.  One of the most iconic events in Spanish culture is bullfighting.  In fact, Bullfighting and matadors have almost become symbols of Spain, attracting international tourists.  Still, Spain, and Madrid in particular, has plenty more to offer for visitors looking for big festivals and events.

What makes Madrid is so attractive is that this capital city of Spain has successfully combined both traditional and modern way in the same city landscape. No wonder so many tourists come here to watch traditional Spanish festivals.

Festivals are held throughout the year from spring to winter. Local residents join the festivals and make the streets, alleys, and parks filled with happiness hard to find in other regions of Spain. In certain months, most hotels in Madrid are fully booked because tourists come here from every region in the world.

Between spring and summer, you’ll find the festival to celebrate one of Spain’s patron saints, San Isidro Labrador. Since most Spaniards living in Madrid are Catholic, they consider saints to be extremely important and celebrate their birthdays and death days. San Antonio is also celebrated during the summer months.

Not only holy saints like those mentioned above are celebrated with large festivals.  The Spanish also believe that each of the earth’s elements are guided by a saint, including ocean and mountain. In the middle of summer, the festival of Virgen Del Carmen, patron saint of sea, takes over the roads leading to Plaza Mayor, with crowds of people looking to have a good time.

Another Madrid festival is Virgen Paloma day in the middle of August. If you plan to go to Madrid in the summer, then book well in advance because this festival (and the others) make for hotels to be booked far in advance.

If you think winter in Madrid is going to be the same as winters in other European cities, you are definitely wrong, because in early November, there is a dance festival called Otono. Aside from dancing, you’ll also find other art performances. Tourists from northern Europe usually come here when winter strikes, so, once again, you’ll find that hotels in Madrid fill up quickly.

With all of these festivals, no wonder tourists from nearly every country and region come to Madrid to participate in them.