Best Shopping Centers in Madrid

madrid-shopping-sa_1988556bShopping is a must for travelers. This activity proves that you have visited certain cities in different area by buying their souvenirs whether it is clothing, food and accessories. For Madrid, people know it as the shopping center in Europe. Therefore, this city is well visited when you have high budget because you need to buy various clothing and accessories before leaving Madrid.

Fashion lovers have been familiar with what Madrid gives to them. Fashion designers get their inspiration here in this capital city. Annually there is international fashion festival held in Madrid. Shoes, bags, coats and clothing are often exhibited there. That is why Madrid clothing shops also do the same thing to strengthen Madrid as fashion city. The clothing shops in Madrid open from morning to night selling branded items created by different designers.

First, go to Salamanca District if you want to find one stop area selling branded items for your fashion need. Besides five stars Madrid hotels, here you could also find small shops selling clothing, shoes, bags and other iconic accessories.

When you want to be familiar with American style, you could go to ABC Serrano shopping mall. The location for ABC shopping mall is near to American embassy. This ABC shopping mall is an exclusive mall selling branded clothing and shoes. Of course, here, you need to spend a lot of money because the price could be higher since they are branded.

Boutiques and exclusive shops could be also found in Calle Jorge Juan streets. Beside boutiques, you could also find other stores, high rated Madrid hotels and cafes.  Next to Calle Jorge is Calle Goya filled with affordable shops, malls, cafetaria. But if you want more branded stores then you could go to Calle de Jose Ortega. Well, socialite and high class society come here just to buy caps, coats and shirt. However the price offered is really expensive.

Gran Via is another stop to get branded clothing. The price is lower than Calle de Jose Ortega. Tourists often call Gran Via as the next NYC’s Times Square because shops are everywhere and they are sleepless. Madrid is tolerance toward any orientation including gay. To find some gay hotels in Madrid is really easy including the stores to buy some fashionable stuff. Go to Chueca where gay and common people come there just to hang out in some restaurants, malls and cafes.

Spain’ El Corte answers the need of tourists who want to go to high class department store in Madrid. El Colte sells the daily needs of Spanish from food to electricity. Just like other department stores in big city, Corte is always crowded.

Those are just to name a few of shopping centers in Madrid. This city is a heaven for any shopping lovers and shopaholic. Choose some hotels Madrid near the shopping area mentioned above so that you don’t need to rent a car to go there. Be wise in shopping especially when you use credit card. Madrid’s shopping centers are not cheap. The shops are sometimes tricky in selling their brands. That’s why tourists need to be smarter.