Days of Food Trip in Madrid

paellaEat, pray and love. This is not just a buzz word without any meaning. If you are a real traveler who has gone through various places in the world, you know what to do after walking down the street and good affordable hotels. Yes, it is about eating fine food all day long.

When you come to Madrid, what places should you visit to get unique but delicious Spanish food? To answer it is really easy because each corner of Madrid gives you a lot of choices for good food sold in food stalls. For the price, the give you good deal in every snack street that you eat. The price could be different when you decide to eat in fine Madrid hotels and restaurants. Usually foods offered in food stall are more various and representing the real taste of Spain.

Let’s start from the first stop. When you come to Madrid early in the morning, you need to look for nice spots to have breakfast. Choosing one of the best restaurants in Madrid could be so fun because there are various options starting from traditional cuisine of Spain to Asian dishes.

Traditional cuisine of Spain is well represented by Cocido Madrileno, a kind of food combining potatoes and other vegetables with meat such as chicken, beef and pork. These ingredients are cooked well in a pot and served while it’s hot. This kind of dish is perfect for breakfast, lunch and also dinner.

If you are interesting of eating Cocido, some fine restaurants in Madrid will serve it for you. Of course, the taste is going to be different from one restaurant to others. But Sobrino de Botin, the oldest restaurant in Spain is still going to bring you authentic recipe of Cocido. The same recipe is also served by another old restaurant called Casa Lucio. However some hotels Madrid also make another type of Cocido but the price could be higher.

And one thing but sure is Tapas. Yes, Spain food is nothing without Tapas. Tapas are famous in the entire Europe and it has been marked as the authentic food from Spain. If you come near to Plaza Mayor, you will find so many food stalls and restaurants selling different menu and price for Tapas. Don’t leave Spain and Madrid without eating Tapas. People often say that Tapas is Spain while Spain is all represented by Tapas.

Remember Sopa de ajo? This garlic soup will be found only in Spain. Many restaurants in Madrid sell Sopa de ajo. When winter comes and the windw blows hard, the local residents advise you to eat Sopa de ajo because it is really warm when it comes into your stomach. Usually Sopa de ajo is served with meat, eggs and veggies.

Who doesn’t know Tortilla? Although this food is more famous in Mexico but actually Tortilla comes from traditional Spanish recipe. Usually tortilla is made from potato, eggs and some ingredients like garlic and pepper.

How about beverage? Well, Madrid is also famous for producing good wine. Some bars located in famous hotels in Madrid will bring you several options of wine you should taste before leaving Madrid and Spain.