Religious Journey to Madrid

-For some people, holiday in Madrid is not just about having fun and visiting some incredible places then ending up by staying in some famous hotels in Madrid.  In this city every type of journey is possible to do including religious journey. For Christians, Catholics and even Moslem, they could find sacred buildings built in a high architecture. Most of those religious buildings represent the glorious days of Spain in the past. On the other side, they also describe how various are religions in Spain.

When we come down to Madrid and walk through the roads while sightseeing left and right side, there will be so many churches for Catholics instead of hotels Madrid, restaurants and other modern spots. The church is built using different style and concept. The newest church buildings are usually built using twentieth century style combining neo-gothic with modern architecture.

When you go to the south of Spain, there will be a temple called Templo de Debod which was designed using Egyptian style. Although this building does not represent certain religion but still Egyptian mythology about different gods is well captured in Templo de Debod.

Come to San Gines church first. You don’t need to worship here but you could just come and look how beautiful the church is. San Gines is considered as the oldest church in Europe. It was ever stated that San Gines was firstly built in ninth century. So many stories have been created in this church including wedding, death ceremony and even drama performance from some great Span artists and actors.

Most of beautiful buildings in Madrid are not only functioned as place to worship and preach. Jewish’s religious synagogue in Madrid is sometimes used for Jewish to hold religious service and exhibit their cultural artwork and activities. In weekdays, you could still visit this place to know how Israel’s Jewish in their daily life.

Muslims’ sacred building could be also found here in Madrid. Besides mosques, you could go to Mezquita. This house is placed as the Center of Islamic Culture in Spain especially Madrid. Mezquita is often called as one of the biggest mosques in Europe. Muslims often come here every day and every Friday where men worship their God. Not just Arabic come here but also Spanish and Caucasian people. Mezquita was firstly opened in 1992.

Besides Mezquita, there is still another mosque called Mezquita Central. It is the second biggest mosque in Madrid and Spain. Tourists often come here to admire the details of Mezquita Central including the calligraphy and architecture. The increasing number of Muslims in Europe particularly Madrid in Spain becomes the main reason why this mosque was built.

Not just churches, mosques and temples are considered religious. Even in a museum, you could find another religious site filled with Christian themed artwork. Prado Museum is one of the greatest art museums in the world influenced by Christian theme. The collections are varied but most of them are paintings. Most of them are created centuries ago so when you come here, you will be drawn back to the era where Spain is still the most powerful country in the world.

Going around churches, mosques and temples will be so much tiring. Therefore you need to stop at some fine Madrid hotels which will give you another interesting day to spend.