Sport Tours in Madrid for Holiday

David_de_Gea_2480599bTalking about Spain, you will never get away from football and other sport activities. After winning some famous tournament like FIFA World Cup and Euro, tourists come to Spain to visit Spain National Football Team’s stadium, watch their games and buy some souvenirs related to Spain team. Some famous football clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona give the same reason for international tourists to visit Spain’s cities. In other words, Spain is not only popular for museums, architectural buildings and famous hotels in Madrid only but also various sport teams.

When you are a fan of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid you must visit their stadiums in Madrid. But have you ever thought that Madrid is not just about football team? Have you ever imagined that most youngster there also play rugby, cricket, softball and even swimming? This is what makes Madrid different from other cities in Spain. Football or soccer is not the only dominant sport in this capital city. So, why don’t you try to take a sport tour around Madrid and meet another sport clubs except football clubs?

Rugby lovers could find how the teams are working hard to win a game in one of the rugby cities in Spain, Mallorca. Mallorca also offers cricket and football scene so tourist could find how the Spain rugby and cricket team exercise before joining a rugby and cricket match. In June, when summer comes, you could usually find some spectacular rugby matches. All Mallorca’s residents will gather in the biggest stadium in town to watch it. Just like football, rugby matches are always crowded and the supporters are yelling, shouting and singing for their teams. Mallorca is also completed with some famous Madrid hotels and inns for visitors to stay while the matches lasting.

When you decide to go to Mallorca for sport tour, don’t worry not to get hotel rooms to stay because Mallorca has some famous hotels in Madrid ranging from three to five stars. If you come here after watching rugby party or match all day long, the hotels will welcome you well.

Now move to La Manga. This region of Madrid is located near the beach. That is why people often come here just for enjoying white sands, sunset and salty water but who guess La Manga has the best spot for cricket and rugby tour. Each year, rugby and cricket clubs come here for a tour while holding any match with the local teams. The beautiful view of La Manga is as tricky as the local rugby and cricket teams.

In Murcia region, there is a resort with wide field which is used by the teams for playing rugby and cricket. Although it is near beach and far away from the center of Madrid, people will still find so many restaurants, banks, malls, shops and hotels Madrid to spend the night. One of the hotels and inns here is Hyatt Las Lomas Village.

Do you believe that Madrid also has hockey team in spring and summer? Well yes, Madrid has some spots which are used by hockey teams both local and international. Usually hockey team comes from university. They practice in the university after college session. But common people could also rent this field whenever they want to play hockey with their team.